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  Elijah's Vision of the new Quran


A few years before he died, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad discussed a vision he'd had. It was the only vision, as far as I know, that he'd ever discussed having.

In the vision, Mr. Muhammad was walking in a valley, "humming a little tune." He came upon a book that was written in a "new Arabic." The letters were indented, "they had depth." And light shined up from the letters.

The Messenger could only make out the letter Laam (L).

Then God told him that the book was the "New Quran" and that He would give it to him, but he first had to learn to read Arabic.

When I first heard of that vision I wondered why he'd have to learn Arabic if the New Quran was written in "new" Arabic. Wouldn't learning "old" Arabic be a waste of time?

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad never wavered in his conviction that a new Quran would be revealed and that his followers would one day practice a "New Islam."

The present Bible and Quran, he taught, "take us up to the Day of Judgement. We need a New Quran to take us into the Hereafter."

So, according to the Messenger, there would be "a third and fourth book," one for the Christian world, one for the Arab Muslim world and "a little book God already gave me," possibly the Nation of Islam's Problem Book.

That's a lot of books. And since that statement was made in 1972, not one new scriptural book has reached the public.

What gives?

If the Messenger was talking about a physical book, we'd have it by now.

Since the book appeared in a vision and visions are largely symbolic an analysis of the vision's symbols would appear to be in order.

The Sacred Valley Tuwa

O Moses, surely I am your Lord, so
take off your shoes. Surely you are
in the sacred valley Tuwa.

-- Quran, Ta Ha, 20:11-12

The Quran's Tuwa is the same as the Egyptian Tuat (Underworld). It represents the deeper subconscious regions.

In The Honorable Elijah Muhammad's vision he was humming a tune in a valley. That represents that chanting the mantra Hum -- mantra of the gunu chakra which bestows wisdom - accesses the knowledge stored in the subconscious depths.

In the Quran that Hum mantra appears as the mystic letters Ha Meem. They form the mantra Haammm. Seven surahs (representing seven chakras) begin with Ha Meem.

Ha Meem
By the Book that makes manifest!
Surely We have made it an
Arabic Quran that you may understand.
And it is surely in the Mother of
the Book with US, truly elevated,
full of wisdom.

-- Quran 43: 1 -- 4

The mother of the Book is the Akashic Record. It is elevated because it is above the physical plane.

The vision book Mr. Muhammad saw had indented letters with light shining from their depth.

The "new" book is the same Quran, Bible, Pert em Hru, Uparishads, etc., but with a deeper understanding, an understanding so deep that it makes those existing scriptures wholly new.

The "dead letter" understanding of Scripture is the source of all the ailments afflicting the world. Dead letter scripture creates and reinforces racism, sexism, imperialism, environmental pollution, spousal abuse, wars, tyranny, oppression, economic exploitation and ... bad fashion.

In the vision, light shines from the indented letters to indicate that the light of the New Age would come from a deep reading and interpretation of scripture.

The "new Arabic" means that the understanding of the words in the "old" Arabic will be wholly transformed.

Arabic Word Old Meaning New (real) Meaning

Dhikr remembrance Jappa with mantra
Salaat Prayer Kundalini
Kalimat Words Oracle letters
Qalaam Pen Oracle
Hagga truth Heka/mantra
Siyaam Fasting Abstention from sex
Hajj Pilgrimage Conquest of lower self
Zakat charity Purification rites
Sama heaven asteroid belt
Naar fire rocket ship

I am not making up new meanings for the Arabic words. Rather, I am returning to the original, highly technical meanings that were lost when spiritual study was usurped by bureaucrats.

An example is the word ummi. Because of a gross misunderstanding of the word muslims think Prophet Muhammad was illiterate. That misunderstanding has resulted in a perverse kind of pride-in-ignorance and suspicion of intelligence in much of the Muslim world.

Those who follow the Messenger-Prophet,
the Ummi, whom they find mentioned in
the Torah and Gospel.

-- Quran 7:157

Ummi is close to umm, "mother." Because Arabs considered women to be unintelligent, ummi had to mean illiterate.

The word actually comes from the Sumerian word umiya, a word that means "learned in all the arts and sciences including astronomy, math, medicine, geography," and much more.

An ummi is anything but illiterate.

Unless a person can read Arabic he or she is at the mercy of whoever translated the Quran they think they're reading. They are limited to the level of the translator's understanding and vulnerable to his biases.

So in order to get to the new Arabic and new Quran, somebody would have to learn Arabic.

The problem, in the past, was that whenever someone learned Arabic they got hooked on the language and became wannabe pseudo-Arabs. By so doing, they disqualified themselves from being in a position to fix the problems in the Muslim world.

The New Islam would emerge from the new understanding of the Bible and Quran.

The new Islam won't be a religion as such. No organised religion is worthy of a sincere person's commitment.

The new Islam is a state of consciousness, a way of living that the Egyptians called Hetep -- an unshakeable inner place that cannot be upset by externals.

The world can never know outer peace until the leaders, at least, can experience, Hetep, inner peace.

Hetep is the new Islam.