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Mr. Yakub and the Making of the Devil


The following is from a letter Amir wrote to a correspondent who requested his views on Yakub and the making of the Devil.

Amir has written a small book entitled "The Symbolic History of Mr. Yakub" that he hopes to make available if he ever succeeds in retrieving it from a publisher.

I believe the History of Mr. Yakub to be wholly spiritual and symbolic, using physical White people to represent mental functions and states of mind. This is not unprecedented. The ancient Egyptian Kings were often depicted "smiting" foreign barbarians who were symbols of the wild passions in the Egyptian people, not actual physical conquests.

The Egyptian Kings "battles" were often against the "Asiatics". They symbolized people stuck at the Assiah plane of development, i.e., savages. The lower appetites were the actual Asiatics.

Master Fard and The Honorable Elijah Muhammad used the same approach. Fard called White people "cave men" and "cavey." It refers to underground (subconscious) influences that operate in the dark (ignorance).

Yakub represents the left hemisphere of the brain and its related mental activities. He had "an 8 ounce brain" because the left brain corresponds to the 8th sphere of the Tree of Life.

Yakub was a "big headed scientist," meaning he symbolized extreme left-brained arrogance, vanity and unrelenting pride.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught that the Black man has a 7 ounce brain "while the White man has a 6 ounce brain." Well, put similarly sized people's brains on a scale and you'll see that brains weigh pretty much the same.

Seven and a half breaths per minute induce trance. The alpha brain wave (trance) pattern is thus symbolized as the size of the Black man's brain. "Black" man symbolizes the deep trance state.

Now the alleged making of the devil... it refers to the ego supplanting the former rule or predominance of the right brain hemisphere. The individual "I" and sense of separateness is a grafted "add on to the original human consciousness. This puny little ego -- created by maya, separate-ness and "tricknology" (i.e. "Yakub) is the real devil (enemy, adversary) and is symbolized by the White man.

Yakub is the modern version of the trickster gods that have been depicted throughout the world: Coyote, Set, Satan, Sebek, Hanuman, Mescalito, Kweku Ansi, etc. They are usually stylised as canines, so The Honorable Elijah Muhammad emphasized how the White man befriended the dog while in the caves of Europe. This is all symbolic wisdom and the great teachers were not allowed to tell anyone that it was symbolic. To do so would destroy the cleansing effect the teachings were to have on Whites and Blacks alike.

I only decipher the symbols now because it's time to bring in the New Islam.. Those teachings -- minus the correct interpretation -- can no longer produce highly evolved women and men the way they once did in the '50's, 60's and 70's. Unfortunately, they now sometimes become words people use to "shield their own dirty religion" under the Honorable Elijah Muhammad's good name.

The real purpose of Fard Muhammad was to provide the spiritual scientific framework for you and me to become gods and goddesses. It is not enough to praise the messenger and the Saviour. You and me must become "God in Person." You have to be able to truthfully say: "My name is W.F. Muhammad. I came to North America by myself (my Soul)."

We are constantly making the devil whenever we feed and nourish our lower selves and animal appetites. When we allow our egos to rule, instead of bringing our egos into submission to the indwelling divinity (Master Fard, Osiris, Shiva, Obatallah, etc.) we are grafting a devil.

Physical white people are not any more or less evil than physical Black people. Any person of any skin color can become devilish by the thoughts, emotions, feelings and actions they indulge.

Any person of any color can become "a true and living god" by the thoughts, emotions, feelings and actions they indulge.