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Angels on Spaceships

O you who have attained the Amen
(unconditioned state of consciousness),
safeguard yourselves and your families
(from) a spaceship whose fuel is human
beings and crystals. Upon it are angels 
(who are) rough and severe. They do not
disobey Allah (no matter) what He has
commanded them (to do). And they carry
out what they are commanded.

-- Quran 66:6

    Although the highest initiates are advised to protect themselves from a Naar (rocketship), no instruction is given as to how. Implied is that the highest would have been properly instructed on this type of preservation as part of their initiation.

    I did not translate alladhina amanu “those who believe” because belief is seldom the point in scripture. To believe is to be ignorant for one who knows doesn’t believe, he knows.

    “Amanu” refers to one who has attained the highest sphere of the Tree of Life names Amen (Ethiopian-Egyptian) and Nu (Egyptian and Sumerian), hence Aman-Nu or Amanu.

    At that stage the initiate realizes that She is essentially unconditioned. As Amen derives from Min, the archetype for total mastery of the sexual force, semen retention, ovarian force cultivation, vaginal breathing and the ability to pull the sexual orgasmic force to the brain are all implied and included in the phrase “O you who have attained Amen.”

    Sometimes “angels” refers to extraterrestrial beings (as in this case). Often, such angels are rather robotic. They only carry out their programs. You cannot arouse their sympathy. They have input commands and that is what they do. When they show-up, “the matter has already been decided.”

    Such beings are specially genetically engineered for duties on the rocketship. This is what the Jinn (military angel) meant when he said, “you created me from a Naar.” He was saying, “I was specially designed for spaceship functions.”

    The crystals (stones) are great conductors, storers and transmitters of energy. Human bioelectricity is magnified by crystals to fuel and power the Naars (rocketships).

    Some humans, now and in the past have already been abducted (“raptured”) and used for that purpose.

    Others have been used for experimentation, cloning, instruction and other purposes.
    When President Reagan sought to build his Star Wars Defense System in space, it was to wage war against the intelligences who control and deploy such ships.

    Minister Farrakhan was given an important vision in which he heard the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s voice on the Mothership and was told that America was “planning a war.”

    Minister Farrakhan misunderstood the vision and thought it referred to a way against Qaddafi and Libya.

    I doubt the messenger would go to such lengths to warn against an attack on Qaddafi.
    He had bigger fish to fry.

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