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The Bhagavad Gita and the Mosaic Law



The Indian Bhagavad Gita (Song of the Eternal) is believed to have been written about 200 A.D.  Even if that’s true, it was already sung by rishis and devotees long before the great Dravidian Sages committed it and the Upanishads to writing.


            The original Indians and founders of Yoga were Black people of African descent.  So, by the way, was Gautama Buddha.


                                                And the sons of Cush:  Seba,

                                                and Havilah, and Sabtah,

                                                and Raamah


                                                Genesis 10:7


            Cush is the biblical name for Ethiopia.  Raamah is the ancient name of India.  The Bible is saying an Ethiopian colony (“son of Cush”) established civilization in Raamah (India).


            The Ethiopians also established the great civilizations in Babylon, Erech (Uruk or Iraq), Accad and Sumer (Shinar in the Bible).  See Genesis 10:10.


            I’m for unity among all nationalities.  But I know true unity can only occur among equals.  As long as people are ignorant of the actual contributions of Africa, they cannot deal with African people as equals.  So I try to remind people that if they knew half of what Africa once accomplished, instead of patronizing them they’d be in awe of all that Africa once created.


            The Gita says:


                                                The man who believes that it is the

                                                soul that kills, and he who thinks

                                                that the soul can be destroyed,

                                                are both alike deceived;  for it

                                                neither kills not is killed


                                                --  Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 2


                                                Though shalt not kill.


                                                -- Exodus 20:13                                   


            The Exodus writers (and King Hammurabi before them) conveyed the same thing.  Properly understood, it’s not just saying “you shouldn’t kill.”  What kind of “revelation” would that be?  Even savages knew it’s not cool to go around killing people.  If Moses dropped that “revelation” then he must have been teaching absolute savages.  Animals even know that “thou shalt not kill.”


            What Moses really taught was “though canst not kill.”  In other words the soul or spirit is indestructible.  It can’t be killed.  Thus you cannot kill anyone.


            Exodus and the Gita agree.  So does science which holds that energy (i.e., spirit) cannot be destroyed.