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    CBS’ Sharyn Alfonsi just did a two-part attack job on the vitamin-mineral-herbal supplement industry.

    Hiding behind a professed need to protect the public from supplements, Alfonsi’s attack piece hysterically screams for the FDA to take over regulation of the supplement industry.

    The FDA is a wholly owned subsidiary of the corrupt big drug companies. So Lady Alfonsi’s cry for FDA seizure of the vitamin industry is really a call for the filthy rich drug barons to carry out a hostile takeover of the vitamin supplement industry.

    Her piece might as well have been crafted by the drug companies 
PR division.

    A few years ago hitman John Stossel of ABC’s 20/20 spouted outright lies to slander vitamin supplements on behalf of his pharmaceutical masters. His piece was so wrong he had to apologize for his one-sided attack piece.

    He should’ve been fired.

    He and Sharyn Alfonsi have lost all credibility as journalists and should be seen as what they are: paid hacks and propaganda agents for the drug g companies.

    Alfonsi and Stossel of course, operate behind the buffers provided by ABC and CBS.

    But all anyone has to do is be aware of how many drug ads are aired on the evening news shows to appreciate how beholden the networks are to the drug companies.

    People who sue the drug pushers for the countless deaths they cause should also sue the networks for helping to push dope for their pharmaceutical drug lords.