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Obey Allah and Obey His Rasul


    As it was originally revealed, the Quran was a complete and comprehensive scripture that explained everything in detail. It is the sole miracle attributed to Muhammad.

    Yet the Hadith pushers claim that without the bogus forgery called Hadith and Sunnah we would not even know how “to offer Salaat.” They proffer that meaning as an excuse for supplanting the Book of Allah with ridiculous sayings falsely attributed to the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

    If the Hadith gossip and Sunnah were essential to the proper practice of Islam, why did Muhammad forbid the recording of his sayings when he was alive? Why did he order that all collections of Hadith be burned? Why did he instruct his followers to not write down anything he said except the Quran?

    Did he ever rescind those orders? No, he did not. The people who disguise themselves as Muhammad’s most ardent defenders are themselves violating Muhammad by doing what they were specifically ordered not to do (promoting Hadith) and by going perilously close to setting Muhammad up as a god beside Allah.

    The only Sunnah worthy of being followed is the Sunnat Allah mentioned in the Quran. By distracting the people with a fake Sunnah, the Hadith pushers have hindered people from paying any attention to the true life-giving Sunnat Allah. 

    The Quran asks, “Would you exchange the superior for the inferior? 

    Would you prefer a man-made forgery over the methodology of Allah Himself? 

    People have been hoodwinked into following the forged Hadith and fabricated Sunnah because past generations of Muslims embraced them and claimed they were essential to the religion.

    But that is untrue. Hadith and Sunnah are a cancer upon the religion that have eaten Islam up and left it a rotting shell of what it was intended to be.

    “We follow the ways of our forethathers.” States the Quran. “What? Even though your forefathers were fools?”

                                                                                                And among the people is he
                                                                                                who purchases the vain and
                                                                                                silly Hadith to mislead from the
                                                                                                path of Allah with other than
                                                                                                science and to make it a joke.
                                                                                                For them there is a humiliating 

                                                                                                -- Quran 31:6

    Jesus came to teach about God and the Kingdom of God. The usurpers changed it to a teaching about him.

    Muhammad came to teach about God and how to establish the Kingdom of God right here on earth. The usurpers turned it into a religion about him.

                                                                                                Salaat is an ancient practice

    People were raising the Salaat thousands of years before Muhammad. No one needed the Hadith to teach them something that was already known.

    According to scripture, Abraham, Moses and Jesus all practiced Salaat raising. In fact, many more practiced it, both before and after them.

    The Quran tells us to believe in all the scriptures before the Quran which came via prophets named and unnamed.

    There are an ancient body of scriptures from India called Tantras. In some of these, the true Salaat principles, techniques, and practices are taught. In India, Salaat is called kundalini.

    Kundalini is an energy whose cultivation and elevation is facilitated and aided by the practice of the sun salutation series of stretches and prostrations.

    The so-called Salaat practiced in the various Muslim communities is a watered-down abbreviation of the ancient sun salute.

    But none of the posture is Salaat itself. Salaat is a force. The postures release the Salaat force from the lowest energy center (chakra) so it can be raised up through the “7 heavens” (7 chakras) to the highest chakra.

    There is actually a chakra above the crown that’s technically outside the body.

                                                                                                He really saw him in
                                                                                                Another descents at
                                                                                                The furthest lotus tree.
                                                                                                Near it is the Resting

                                                                                                -- Quran 53:14-15

    That highest chakra (lotus) is near the Resting Garden as the energy that descends through it brings people to a deep, tranquil calm or trance. Elsewhere, that trance-inducing chi (which moves from above to below) is called Sakiynah.

    The Quran is such a fantastic book. It even told of the existence of eight energy fields to resolve the arguments of the great rishis over whether there were 7 or 8 chakras.

                                                                                                And (others) say there are seven
                                                                                                And the eighth of them their dog.
                                                                                                Say: My Lord knows best their
                                                                                                Number – none know them but
                                                                                                a few.

                                                                                                -- Quran 18:22

    The seven charkas were allegorised as “seven sleepers” because they lie dormant in most people.

                                                                                                And you would think they were
                                                                                                Awake, but they were asleep.
                                                                                                And we spun to the left.

                                                                                                -- Quran 18:18

    A person who had obeyed the injunction to believe in (and read) all the scriptures would certainly not need the blasphemous Hadith to learn how to raise up the Salaat.

    The people who tell you to “offer” “perform,” or “make” Salaat are changing Allah’s revelation. The Quran tells us to “raise up the Salaat,” not to “offer” it.

    Only those who know the science of Shaktipat can possibly “offer” Salaat. Shaktipat is the practice of passing energy to another to awaken his or her kundalini.

    The Egyptians called this practice Ari Sa Aungkh or passing the life force. To the esoteric Christians it was called the Laying on of Hands.

    Quran 57:12-15 and 66:8 refer to Shaktipat as a light flowing from the right hands of the prophet and the main initiates, men and women (mu’miniyn and mu’minaat). Those are men and women who have mastered their sexual energies including how to transmute them into Kundalini and Saint.

    The hypocrites ask to borrow their light, i.e., perform Shaktipat on us. But they are instead told, “Turn to your rear.”

    This is saying your own energy is in your rear or at the muladhara chakra located at the tailbone.

                                                                                                You can only obey Rasul
                                                                                                By following Hadith, right?

    Quran 8:46 commands that we “Obey Allah and the Rasul.” The Hadith pushers argue that the only way we can obey the Rasul (messenger).

    The word Rasul originally meant angel. Angels are more direct Rasuls than humans. Human messengers are Rasuls of Rasuls. Muhammad never was spoken to directly by Allah. It was the angel Gabriel who spoke to Muhammad. Moses is the rare human messenger to whom Allah spoke directly.

    When the Quran says “Obey the Rasul” it includes the angelic Rasul. Human messengers live and die, but the angelic ones endure. Had Muslims adhered to true Islam instead of fake Hadithism, many could today communicate with higher angelic beings. A few can even now.

    The Quran says, “Surely, We are always sending down.”

    We do not need Hadiths to obey Angelic Messengers. When a Rasul shows up, like they did before the nuking of Sodom and Gomorrah, the matter is decided. You’d better hat up when they tell you to go.

    The art and science of establishing communication with one’s angels is the very essence of religion. A human prophet or messenger tries to show us how to establish communication and after that, while we deeply honor them, we don’t need them anymore.

    Sometimes people can get so fixated on the human prophet that they forget to cultivate their own spiritual and psychic abilities.

    Because of that tendency Jesus said: “It is expedient for you that I go away, for if I go not away the comforter cannot come unto you. But if I go away I will send him unto you. Albeit when he is come, the spirit of truth, he will guide you into all truth.”

    The spirit of truth or Ruh al-Haqq is what we seek for it can guide us into all truth.

    You don’t need the Hadith for that.